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Gabriella Cohen is back with her third record,



It's been a minute.

You've been patient, but it's been well worth the wait…


It doesn't matter which way you listen to it- upside down, sideways, in the bathtub, at the laundromat, driving down the highway, putting your face on before a big night… Whatever blows your hair back….you're gonna love it.


Living in a shotgun house in New Orleans, to slinging hot dogs on Elwood beach, Cohen has done it again, whipped up the best record she's written to date.


In the sea of flash-in-the-pan artists, Gabriella Cohen's music is timeless, not bound to any genre or trend.


Pitchfork hailed her as a 'Clever and wise-cracking songwriter', and Rolling Stone has predicted she'll be a household name by 2022.  She's been nominated for the prestigious Australian Music Prize, not to mention an AIR nominee for Best Blues and Roots Album (Pink is The Colour Of Unconditional Love).


From the depths of the rainforest in country Queensland, Cohen self-produced and recorded the majority of her third record.


Then, fed up with being a one-woman show, she gathered her nearest and dearest and recorded songs with Pop Maestro Sam Cromack (Ball Park Music), folk troubadour JB Paterson, and with Matthew Malone and Xavier Butler from Chaos Magick Studios.


She's toured the world and shared stages with Devendra Banhart, Rodrigo Amarante, Warpaint, Marlon Williams, Foxygen, Brian Jonestown Massacre...


What can't this woman do? Word on the street is that she's an actress now, starring in a feature film, Paris Funeral 1972, shot in Europe, daaarling.


Whilst keeping true to her laidback, tongue in cheek demeanour, peppered with throwbacks to 60's girl groups and a Lou Reed-esque drawl, Cohen has transcended the borders of her own musical limitations, presenting to us a new and evolved musical landscape.


You'll just have to hear it to believe it.




Undoubtedly, we’re on the cusp of seeing her become a household name in no time. - Rolling Stone ★★★★

‘Cohen, a clever and wisecracking songwriter’ – Pitchfork ★★★★


On her third and latest album, Blue No More, Gabriella Cohen has arguably crafted the most emotionally intense, groovy, candid and beautiful portrait of being a young woman feeling her way through a harsh world - AudioFemme

Cohen reflects the truth of humanity  NME ★★★★


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